The Cure for Financial Distress (Video)

Cure for Financial Distress

What’s the best way to “get yourself off your mind” while you’re in the midst of money problems? It’s to go and help someone who is less fortunate that you. And there is always someone else who’s got it worse off than you!

When I hit financial rock bottom, my Dad encouraged me to give at least $5 a week to the local homeless shelter. Every time I wrote that check, it reminded me that I really was blessed to have food on the table and a roof over my head. When things aren’t going well for us financially, and we’re in the thick of pinching pennies and attacking our debt, we can tend to focus on the negative.

By reaching out and helping someone else, it disrupts that negative spiral that can lead to anxiety or depression. Even if you don’t feel like you have $5 to give (and you probably do), you can always give of your time and volunteer at a soup kitchen, orphanage, or animal shelter.  Better yet, do both! Try it. I promise, being generous will give you an awesome feeling that money can’t buy.