Self Care is Good for Your Well Being and Your Wallet


Self Care is Good for your Well Being AND your Wallet. Investing in your physical, mental, and emotional health is good for your well-being now and it’s good for your wallet in the long run!


Our guest on this episode is Dr. Bernadette Anderson. It’s hard not to be inspired by Dr. Bernadette because she approaches life with a grateful heart, a spring in her step and a smile that extends from ear to ear. In addition to her work as a family medicine physician and the co-owner of Faith Family Health in Columbus, Ohio, she is the creator and founder of Life in Harmony, an innovative, intentional and action-oriented approach to well-being. She also is a co-author of several books, an international best-selling author and a contributor to a quarterly publication. 

Dr. Bernadette believes positive health outcomes are not exclusive to traditional western medicine, but they are best achieved and sustained with a holistic approach and patient participation. Her philosophy is grounded in more than two decades of experience in healthcare as well as her personal battle with obesity, which served as the impetus for her lifestyle transformation and the founding of Life in Harmony. 

We Discuss:

What is Self-Care and Why Is It Important?

Five Ways Self Care is Good for Your Health:

  1. Self-care promotes healthier living. 
  2. Self-care creates joy and satisfaction in our lives.
  3. Self-care helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression.
  4. Self-care focuses our time and finances on what’s most important. 
  5. Self-care is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves.

How does Self Care Improve Your Finances?

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