I was charged with theft by deception

I Was Charged with Theft by Deception

I was charged with theft by deception


Don’t worry, it sounds worse than it actually is!

“Theft by deception” is the scary legal term for writing bad checks. I didn’t even realize it was on my record until I applied for an accounting job… at my family’s business!

Let me explain…

The year was 1999. I was engaged to “Jeff” who had terrible money habits. Unfortunately, drama and stress and financial chaos ruled our relationship.

Because Jeff rarely had his fair share of the bill money, we were constantly in the red. On more than one occasion our refrigerator was bare and payday still several days off. My brilliant solution: write a check for groceries despite the lack of funds to cover the amount! (Back then, there wasn’t the instant communication between banks like there is today.)

At one point, a check bounced twice by my bank for insufficient funds. Rather than try to collect the money directly from me, this particular grocery chain turned it over to an attorney. This led to me going before a judge and admitting that yes, I owed them money. I then had to arrange a payment system with the court, which included fees on top of all that I owed.

If that wasn’t horrifying enough, when I applied for the accounting job at my father’s company, I received a call from HR. Something came up when running my pre-hire background check: “theft by deception: dismissed.” Imagine how mortified I felt trying to explain my bounced checks and court appearance to the HR manager and my father!

Most of us have done things with money that we’re embarrassed (or even mortified) about. But do you know what’s even worse?

Other people knowing about our shameful money mistakes.

And this is the biggest barrier that keeps us from reaching out and getting the help we need to master our money and regain our financial dignity.

I told you my theft-by-deception story because I want you to know that I’m a safe person to open up to. I’ve experienced money shame myself. And that was by no means the only mistake I made.

If you decide to work with me in any capacity to turn your financial situation around, I can guarantee you this:

I will never judge you for your money messes. My goal is to guide and encourage you on your journey to your preferred financial destination.

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