Your First Six Figures {Book Review}

Your First Six Figures: 

Eight Keys to Unlock Freedom, Flow and Financial Success with Your Online Business

When I tell you that my business coach, Jenn Scalia, has completely revolutionized my life and my business, I am not exaggerating! Seriously, the mindset shifts and business building strategies I’ve learned from Jenn are already putting dollars in my pocket.

She’s one of the main catalysts for the debut of “Christine 2.0” – my new image, introducing me to my amazing web designer and branding guru (Fabi “the fabulous” Paolini), and my up-leveled confidence. So naturally, I was super stoked about the release of her new book Your First Six Figures: Eight Keys to Unlock Freedom, Flow, and Financial Success with Your Online Business.

Most of us who are working with Jenn Scalia via group coaching or one-on-one are paying thousands of dollars for her personalized advice. If you’re in the beginning stages of your business, or just in a position of not having that kind of capital to invest in business coaching right now, go get Jenn’s book ASAP!



Jenn’s specialty is helping women grow their online businesses so that they are making massive amounts of money and are positioned as the expert in their respective fields. So, of course, Your First Six Figuresis targeting those women with online businesses.

But guys, there is business gold in this compact read for you as well, so don’t tune me out. And if your business is brick and mortar, you’ll also find value as well because we’re all promoting our businesses online whether we have a physical location or not.

I want to highlight one particular suggestion in Your First Six Figures that in less than one week has already led to several “coffee chats” with potential clients for me. On page 132, Jenn recommends making a “Top 10 Reasons You Should Never Work with Me” list and send it out via email and social media.

Why does this work so well? Because it tells my ideal clients what I don’t stand for (restriction and deprivation)– which also tells them what I DO stand for (expansion and prosperity). And because my list is kind of hilarious and a little sarcastic, it also tells my potential clients that I’m a money coach with a sense of humor, which is pretty rare these days!

Here are some of the other gems that Jenn packs into Your First Six Figures:

  • How to sell to clients with zero sleaze
  • Developing online courses your tribe can’t wait to buy
  • Growing your audience in both numbers and loyalty
  • Shifting into a six-figure mindset
  • Creating sustainable, organic growth in your business

So, what’s the catch? You have to be ready to do the work to shift your mindset and begin implementing Jenn’s tactical business suggestions. She’s not going to do the work for you, but in Your First Six Figures, Jenn Scalia points the way. I don’t know about you, but 2018 is the year I’m breaking six figures in my business. Are you coming with me? (If so, go get your copy here!)