Do You Want to Get Financially Well? (Video)


Do you want to get financially well? Sometimes we are in our financial messes for so long that we get comfortable there. We might even make excuses or blame others for our financial lot in life. I understand because I did the same thing before I hit financial rock bottom!  However, blame and excuses will NOT move us towards financial health.

There’s an interesting story from the life of Jesus in the book of John, chapter 5: 1-15.  Jesus came across a man who had been an invalid, unable to walk, for 38 years.  I find it interesting that Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to get well?”  Guess what?  The man didn’t say “Yes!”  Instead he said, “I have no one to help me.”  Jesus didn’t feel sorry for him, and say, “Oh that’s too bad.”  Jesus exclaimed, “GET UP!  Pick up your mat and walk!”  Once the man moved into action and got up, he was healed.

When we are financially unwell, we need to actively participate in our recovery.  We have to GET UP out of our financial mess and begin consciously choosing to behave differently with our money.  It’s okay to need to help on the journey, but expecting someone to give you a Get-Rich-Quick pill isn’t going to happen!

So, I ask you, “Do YOU want to get financially well?”  If so, take action now by scheduling a coffee chat to see if coaching is the right solution for you.