Different is Not Wrong (Video)

Different is Not Wrong

Do you disagree with your spouse about money? Many times these issues are gray areas, with no clear right or wrong answers.  Most of us want to get our way and we usually think that our way is best!

But just because your spouse thinks differently than you doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is wrong.  If you find yourself having a heated discussion with your husband or wife, stop and ask yourself two questions.

1.)  Will this decision adversely affect our financial health?  If so, there is typically a clear cut answer.  If one of you wants to rack up debt or drain the savings account, there is a right answer!

2.)  If the answer to #1 is NO, then ask yourself “Is this issue that important to me?”  Some hills are not worth dying on!  There are times when we need to compromise in our marriage relationship and that includes money issues too.

Neither spouse should ALWAYS get their way!  Sometimes it is better to be happy and peaceful than to be right.

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