A Warrior’s Mentality is Key to Beating Debt (Video)

Getting out of debt is simple: stop borrowing and start paying extra on your debt. However, the battle with your debt is NOT easy! You need a warrior’s mentality to stay in the fight.

I’m a big fan of the UFC (a.k.a. Mixed Martial Arts or MMA). When a UFC fighter is prepping for a big fight, they surround themselves with like-minded, positive people who will keep them pumped up. They have coaches who train, instruct, and encourage them. A UFC contender knows that he has to be 100% convinced that he’s going to win the fight before he even enters the cage!

Well, guess what? Getting out of debt can be as brutal as a cage fight or  a boxing match. You have to be mentally tough, and 100% convinced that you can win the battle. A Warrior’s Mentality is the key to beating debt once and for all!