2 Helpful Budget Tips (Video)

2 Budgeting Tips

Do you experience wild swings in certain bills, such as utilities? When we have uncertainty revolving around a particular monthly bill, it can cause major stress!

I typically see this with utility bills in older, less energy-efficient homes. People cringe when they see this bill in the mailbox because they never know what to expect! The easy way to resolve this is to sign up for even billing.

Is cash very tight for the first pay period of the month? For my coaching clients who get paid twice a month, it’s common for me to see that one pay period is really tight on cash after the bills are paid and the other pay period is flush with spending money. These folks have enough money every month to pay all the bills and then some, but the cash flow isn’t smooth from pay period to pay period.

The easy solution is to call and see about getting due dates changed on credit card accounts or utility bills to smooth out cash flow. Getting the due dates changed on one or two bills might make all the difference in the world and you’ll feel less stressed! Most companies are happy to bump your due date out 10 to 15 days.  I hope these two budget tips help you feel more in control of your monthly cash flow!